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AL SHAQAB, a member of Qatar Foundation,  will once again host the two annual international equestrian tournament in its prestigious state-of-the-art grandstand this coming November 2016.
“Friends of Al Shaqab”, the Volunteer Program of Al Shaqab, is looking for interested individuals, ages at least 17 years of age and above, who are ready to volunteer to cover the various areas of its venue.
Please find below events information and guidelines.
Event’s Title
Event’s Description
The Longines Global Champions Tour is the World’s leading five-star show jumping event where the best show jumpers in the world compete.
LONGINES is the title partner and official timekeeper of the Global Champions Tour.
Al Shaqab, Outdoor Arena
November 3rd to 5th , 2016 (Thursday – Saturday)
Tentative Schedule (subject to change based on the event’s time table)
1st Shift: 9AM – 4PM
2nd Shift: 3PM – 10PM
Event’s Title
CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS (COC) Modern Pentathlon 2016
Event’s Description
The name derives from the Greek penta- "five" and -athlon "contest“ and was originally designed as a soldier’s event.
The format has changed over time.  The format of this event consists of fencing (epee), swimming (200m free style), riding (show jumping on a 350-450m course with 12 obstacles), shooting (laser pistol 10m standing), & running (3km race).
Al Shaqab, Outdoor Arena
November 12th to 13th , 2016 (Saturday-Sunday)
Tentative Schedule (subject to change based on the event’s time table)
10:30am – 5:30pm

Volunteers will be assisting in different Functional Areas such as:
  • Accreditation: Assist in the production and issuance of Accreditation ID’s for staff and volunteers for the event.
  • Ticketing:To check & rip spectator’s tickets as they pass through the gate, ensuring they are the correct ticket for that Competition Day.
  • Media & Broadcasting: Assist either at the Media Centre or Show Office, eg. Copying, sorting, & distributing of start list.
  • Spectator Services: Control of the flow of spectators in & out of the venue’s spectator’s area; Provide information to spectators regarding the venue, amenities, competition, etc.; ensure the orderliness of the venue.
  • Workforce Support: Check-in & check-out of workforce, Aftercare - ensuring the orderliness & cleanliness of the venue including the Cafeteria, promoting Al Shaqab Volunteer Program – distribution of flyers, registration of new volunteers, etc., handling Lost & Found items.
  • Transportation: Assist the Transportation Functional Area in providing transportation to guests, competitors and staff (as needed).

While most of the events that Friends of Al Shaqab supports do not have monetary rewards, volunteers will, in return, have intangible benefits such as:
       Receiving a certificate of appreciation to be distributed during our Volunteers Appreciation Day, to acknowledge volunteers’ contribution and hard work.
       Can request an official letter with number of hours rendered during volunteering, from us.
       Gaining relevant learning experience, meet new people and mingle with professionals. Aside from that, volunteers will have an opportunity to meet famous personalities and dignitaries from different countries.
       Registered volunteers will be included in the Volunteer comprehensive database & will receive up-to-date information on wonderful volunteering opportunities in Al Shaqab, within Qatar Foundation and other organizations across Qatar.

Interested NEW Volunteers are kindly requested to fill-up theAl Shaqab Volunteer Application Form and send to us by email to click this link to download the form.

All Volunteers (registered & new) who are interested to participate in each event are requested to fill and physically sign the Al Shaqab Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liabilityand send to us by email to . Please click this link to download the form.

Please let us know the events that you would like to participate along with the sure dates and the shifts that you would like to commit by filling Schedule of Availabilities Form and send to us by email to . Please click this link to download the form.
Kindly understand the importance of your committed dates to us since we will heavily rely on you once you have committed your schedule with us. In case of changes on the schedule kindly inform us immediately ahead of time.
Attached is the location map that will guide you towards the venue. You may also click this Google Map link to further assist you:
Kindly be informed that we don’t provide transportation to pick up the volunteers. Hence, we would appreciate volunteers to arrange coming  to the venue at their own means. Thank you.
Please also feel free to forward this information to anyone you may feel would be interested in participating.
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  • Fadi_AlShaqab_469-p_shqb-italy10.jpg

    Fadi Al Shaqab

    (Besson Carol x Abha Myra)
    2008 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • IMG_3080.jpg

    Al Adeed Al Shaqab

    (Ansata Halim Shah x Sundar Alisayyah)
    1995 Grey Stallion
    Straight Egyptian Program

  • Farhoud04032010_0008(2-High).jpg

    Farhoud Al Shaqab

    (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Johara Al Shaqab)
    2008 Grey Stallion
    Straight Egyptian Program

  • StarOfAntigua-08042010_0173.jpg

    WN Star of Antigua

    (Monogramm x WN Antigua)
    2000 Grey Stallion
    International Program

  • AX2E3325.jpg

    Hadban Al Shaqab

    (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Sundar Alisayyah)
    2001 Grey Stallion
    International Program

  • blue-marwan.jpg

    Marwan Al Shaqab

    (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame)
    2000 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • Amir%20Al%20Shaqab%28Gazal%20Al%20Shaqab%20x%20Amira%20Madrona%29%202007%20Stallion.A46Q6913.jpg

    Amir Al Shaqab

    (Gazal Al Shaqab x Amira Madrona)
    2007 Grey Stallion
    International Program

  • 273P7178.jpg

    Gazal Al Shaqab

    (Anaza El Farid x Kajora)
    1995 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • faraa-2089-BYATT-0710-810.jpg

    Faraa Al Shaqab

    (Marwan Al Shaqab x GW Natorious Star)
    2007 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • AX2E2012.JPG

    Kahil Al Shaqab

    (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl)
    2008 Bay Stallion
    International Program