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New Technical programme first tested at CHI AL SHAQAB 2015

Publication Date:
03/03/15 11:55 AM
Corporate, CHI AL SHAQAB

Two new elements premiering this season in the Technical Programme of Vaulting were the big challenge for the individual vaulters competing at CHI AL SHAQAB 2015. The “Needle” and the “Stand – turning backwards” are calling for extreme balance and gymnastic perfection and World’s No.1, Joanne Eccles from Great Britain and German Thomas Brüsewitz dealt best with that, now leading their individual classes before going into the final freestyle on Wednesday.

Triple world champion Joanne Eccles showed the best technical programme of the day, finishing on 8.019 and overtaking Italian Anna Cavallaro leading after Monday’s Compulsory Test. On 7.624 the silver world champion Cavallaro kept Swiss Simone Jäiser (7.280) at bay. The winner of last year’s CHI competition, Jäiser showed a very lively programme with the Russia inspired music wearing a matching costume specifically designed for it. An unplanned dismount had German Christine Kuhirt dropping down to 8th place. But World Cup winner Lisa Wild from Austria moved up to 6th place. Finally, she could show her signature backflips which she is famous for since her Dutch loan horse Zygo was much calmer than previously. “I was terribly nervous and afraid to go into this programme”, Wild confessed afterwards. Chief Judge Helma Schwarzmann was “positively surprised” with the new exercises. “They all dealt better with it than I thought they would. And Joanne Eccles showed all of her experience. The result is as expected.” 
German Thomas Brüsewitz kept the lead in the Men’s competition, finishing on 7.636 in front of World’s No.2, Erik Oese (7.451). “I was nervous beforehand because the new exercises make the technical programme a lot more difficult. I am looking forward to my new freestyle on Wednesday,” the 20-year old said after his performance with 24-year old Airbus. French multiple champion Nicholas Andreani showed all his artistic excellence, “painting” expressively the image of his music. Just in time after the finish bell rang he began his signature dismount but paid a price because he suffered a slight injury on his right foot when landing, asking for ice right afterwards. Czech Marek Hablovic suffered a fall and left the arena in pain, hoping to be able to continue the competition.
The team vaulters showed the first of their two rounds of freestyle. The Swiss silver World Championship medalists in pink and purple tricots lit a sparkling fireworks of breathtaking dynamics high up in the air on their grey horse Will Be Good, now aged 20. “I am so proud of my horse and my girls”, lunger Monika Winkler-Bischofsberger beamed. Scoring 7.929 they cemented their lead in front of Italy, coming in on 7.018. Both Scandinavian teams showed parts of their WEG progamme as well, leaving Sweden in third place, besting Denmark, because of their better compulsory performance.
The pair’s performance was the platform for world champions Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha from Austria. Presenting the story of Siegfried and Roy and their white tigers, the vaulters brought Las Vegas to Doha, scoring 8.820 on 1,90 metres tall Bram. The Eccles sisters came in second, lifting and turning and telling the story of Fire & Ice. The silver world champions Pia Engelberty and Torben Jacobs from Germany had to improvise after their original horse Echt Stark was not fit to compete. At the last minute they switched to Dutch Nolan. “We could test only about one third of the programme beforehand”, Jacobs said afterwards. It was the experience of CHI 2014’s winners to show their start and finish moves “cold”, that is without any previous test run.

Standings after Technical Programme: 
Individual Female: 

1.Joanne Eccles (GBR)/WH Bentley - John Eccles 8.019 
2.Anna Cavallaro (ITA)/Harley - Nelson Vidoni 7.624 
3.Simone Jäiser (SUI)/For Ever du Chalet CH - Margit Blieske 7.280 
4.Hannah Eccles (GBR)/ WH Bentley - John Eccles 7.238 
5.Kristina Boe (GER)/ Rockard H - Winnie Schlüter 7.137 
Individual Male: 

1.Thomas Brüsewitz (GER)/ Airbus - Irina Lenkeit 7.636 
2.Erik Oese (GER)/Down Under - Andeas Bässler 7.451 
3.Stefan Csandl (AUT)/ Nolan – Marjo Sneekes 7.432 
4.Viktor Brüsewitz (GER)/ Rockard H – Winnie Schlüter 7.384 
5.Nicolas Andreani (FRAU)/ Fabiola – Alexandra Knauf 7.339 
Teams after First Freestyle 


1.Team SUI Lütisburg/ Will Be Good – Monika Winkler-Bischofsberger 7.929 
2.Team ITA C.I.M/ Andokan - Laura Carnabuci 7.018 
3.Team SWE Svea Vaulting/ Achim – Ronja Persson 6.611 
4 Team DEN VKT 1/ Goerklintgaards Donau – Betina Gaardsmand Nielsen 6.473 

1.Jasmin Lindner & Lukas Wacha (AUT)/Bram – Klaus Haidacher 8.820 
2.Hannah & Joanne Eccles (GBR)/ WH Bentley – John Eccles 8.307 
3.Theresa Thiel & Stefan Csandl (AUT)/ Bram – Klaus Haidacher 8.165 
4.Gera MGrün & Justin van Gerven (GER)/ Zygo (Maurts de Vries 8.152 
5.Pia Engelberty & Torben Jacobs (GER)/ Nolan – Marjo Sneekes 8.134 

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