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His Highness The Father Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani’s vision when he established Al Shaqab in 1992 was to preserve and perpetuate the Arabian horse breed.

Not only in Qatar, but around the world. Unquestionably, this has been accomplished. Al Shaqab’s horses have won many awards in international Arabian horse shows. In particular, it has, to date, won seven world champion stallion trophies at Salon Du Cheval in Paris.

Al Shaqab’s breeding philosophy is to preserve the Arabian breed and to produce horses that are beautiful, athletic, and have great moral character and kindness. They must be physically strong to carry their riders to faraway places – just as they did in the past.

The breeding program is divided into three categories: International Arabian horses, combining all Arabian bloodlines; Straight Egyptian Arabians, as defined by The Pyramid Society; and the traditional Qatari bloodlines of the past.

Al Shaqab’s magnificent seven World Champion stallions spread over three generations – Gazal Al Shaqab; Marwan Al Shaqab; Al Adeed Al Shaqab; Kahil Al Shaqab; Hariry Al Shaqab; Fadi Al Shaqab; and Wadee Al Shaqab - are key to the program. Gazal Al Shaqab and his son, Marwan Al Shaqab, head the International Arabian section, while the late, Al Adeed Al Shaqab was universally recognized as possibly the finest Straight Egyptian on the planet. Their worth as sires has been proven as their progeny continue winning the most important Arabian horse show championships around the world.

While dedicated to using the valuable gene pool provided by these stallions and selected mares, Al Shaqab is always searching for additional bloodstock that will complement the current program and allow the farm to remain vital, productive, and relevant for the near and far term.

Al Shaqab’s place in history is already assured. However, it will never rest on laurels of the past. It will always strive to uphold the vision of His Highness The Father Emir – to breed the finest Arabian horses for Qatar and the world.

Latest News

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World Champion Wadee part of trio of stallions returning to Al Shaqab

Al Shaqab stallions Wadee Al Shaqab, Farhoud Al Shaqab, and Hadidy Al Shaqab have returned to Qatar, after spending time in Italy.

27 October
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Welcome Home, Hariry!

One of Al Shaqab’s treasured World Champion stallions, Hariry Al Shaqab, has returned home to Qatar after spending time in the United States.

13 October
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Al Shaqab Arabians win top honors in Bergamo and Bruges

The renowned breeding program of Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation, delivered tremendous results once again when its majestic Arabian horses dominated the winners’ podium at two leading show events in Europe.

09 September